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I have invested hundreds of pounds over the last couple of years on DVD's and books on exercise, nutrition, sport, bodybuilding, etc. Lots of what I have bought I have watched or read once then stuck on my shelf to gather dust. Master class was a pleasant surprise. Yes, it is a training DVD. Yes it does cover nutrition but it has come from a different angle. Two legends from both sides of the pond, geographically as well as bodybuilding wise have come together. It was nice to see my own mentor, Ian Duckett not being ashamed to seek tips and advice from a true Iron Warrior, Robby Robinson.

The way they sit in the sunshine and simply chat about life, training, bodybuilding philosophy was cool. The training sequences aren't all lights, camera, action. Ian isn't all pumped up and tanned wearing nothing but a pair of hotpants and rigger boots. It was simply a bodybuilding Masterclass.

The chapter with the bio mechanic was especially intriguing and got me wanting to go and see the guy myself. This DVD will certainly be joining my others on the shelf but it won't be gathering much dust!!

John Heaton


Growing up as a young kid in the 70s, Robby Robinson (a.k.a. The Black Prince) was my inspiration and favorite bodybuilder in an age bodybuilding greats. His bicep peaks were jaw dropping and his total body muscularity was awe inspiring. Years later, as I was approaching my mid 40's, my love for bodybuilding was rekindled by watching Robby's BUILT DVD and once again being inspired, even more so then when I was a youth, seeing a 60 year old Robby in unbelievable shape. His DVD helped me believe that one could get and stay in great shape at any age. The kid in me came out again as I was given the opportunity to do a series of phone/ e-mail consultations with my childhood idol. I had fallen into practicing some non-productive bodybuilding routines and theories, but Robby got me back on track with a plan that restructured my diet and training regimen. Robby even gave me specific exercises based on a several photos to help address my individual needs. I quickly could tell that Robby is a man with a heart as big as his muscles and who truly wants to see those he is helping make the gains they are looking for. I have no plans to stand on a bodybuilding stage, but I am gaining muscle, losing fat and getting great pumps in the gym with Robby’s help and motivation. Whether one has aspirations to compete or just get in shape and feel better about oneself, I would highly recommend working the legend that Mr. Robinson is. With decades of bodybuilding training and wisdom under his belt, I can’t think of a better coach.

Gary Casaccio, M.D.


Dear Robby,

Just wanted to thank you for signing the items in my order. It was fantastic to see your signature on EVERYTHING I'd ordered! Thank you so much.

As for the DVD itself, what can I say? It's the most inspirational film work on Bodybuilding I've ever seen. I've been bodybuilding for 21 years (I'm 35 now). But recently, I found myself becoming jaded about the sport I love so much b/c of the current drug misuse & overuse, I really found myself becoming less & less motivated to train.

After seeing you on film, listening to your personal insights on life, training & general health, it made me realise that the TRUE nature of REAL bodybuilding is still alive & well. You have no idea how grateful I am to you Robby, for instilling that wonderful feeling inside me once again. I am forever in your debt.

My sincerest thanks for everything my friend. A wonderful film, a wonderful sport, a wonderful man. A true iron athlete.

Kindest Regards,

Dan Wait


Once again, I really appreciate your time in taking a look at my program. I mean every word and my words do not even scratch the surface for how excited I am. Since starting the RR Anabolic Pack my muscles are more full, better pumps, increased energy, more focus, better sense of well being (calmer) and improved zest for life. Looking forward to receiving the LONGEVITY AND COMPETITIVE COLLECTION along with your insight on my training/eating plan. Also looking forward to receiving the BUILT shirts that I ordered.

Also want to let you know that I received the DVD yesterday. Thanks a million for the BUILT hat! I watched the DVD and it was extremely well done! There is an incredible amount of training information in the DVD. After watching it last night, I wanted to go back to the gym and train again! I wish you and Ian a lot of success with your video. Bodybuilders/fitness enthusiast need to see this! I'm inspired to work harder. We need to come over to CA soon and do the Masters Series.

Have a great day.




My workouts have been going very well. I have been pleased with how I have been able to consistently increase my poundage and keep the time between sets down.

Hope you are well.




My strength levels have gone through the roof, I am recovering faster, I am nowhere near as sore between workouts, my flexibility has improved. On a side note….the dairy thing was also perhaps a bigger problem than I previously thought, my digestive system is working a lot better.

I think am looking younger as well...41 going on 40 (!!!!!!)

I will keep you up to date with my progress. Thanks for all your help.


Will Brooker

PS... love the music from your DVD, would be very interested in purchasing.
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